On May 6th and May 7th we held our mini field day exercise. It was a great success as the first event initiated by our club! We had fifteen attendees. Here is a brief summary of activities:

  • Digital Comms: On Saturday we practiced Winlink via RMSExpress over VHF.
  • Foxhunt: The transmitter we arranged for was unavailable so one of our members improvised with an HT on low power.
  • BBQ: We had lots of great food donated by many of the attendees.
  • Equipment Setup: We had two operation centers running on generator and batter power. A G5RV dipole was deployed with the help of a drone. The drone flew paracord into the trees which we used to loft the sections of the G5RV. A variety of other antennas were put for VHF and HF operation.
  • DXing: We made a few contacts through digital modes including PSK31.