DSARC Meeting

December 5, 2017


  • Nick Hewes, AF7ZJ
  • Bill Ward, K9GRZ
  • Austin Cole, KF7SIW
  • Evan Hart, KG7WPM
  • Glen Boudreaux, DA5PTG
  • Ramsey Randall, KI7BWS
  • Chad Snyder, AE7BZ

Treasurer’s Report - $429.03 in the kitty.

  • Feel free to pay your dues at your convenience. Snicker

AuxComm Updates

  • Please turn in AuxComm applications when you can. ICS site was down for awhile but, apparently, is back up and we can take the classes. AuxComm donations are being accepted to help pay for the web server in the Trailer. Donations can be dropped off at the radio shop.


  • MSP that Austin and Heather should take the money they have invested in food for the Club out of Club funds.

  • Funds will continue to accumulate until we find a good “something” for which to use them.

  • PHARC and DSARC may coordinate on trainings by having the “classroom” part of training at the PHARC meetings and the “lab” portion at the DSARC meetings.

  • PHARC training ideas: APRS, digital voice, packet

Upcoming Training:

  • December 9: “high level” packet figure it out stuff, at the shop.
  • December 19, DSARC Meeting: present Dec. 9 learnings to DSARC meetings
  • January 24, PHARC Meeting: present packet learnings to PHARC in classroom environment
  • Repeater etiquette training after the next Tech Class

Tech Class:

  • Moscow or Lewiston in February
  • Riggins in June (the 2nd?)

Event Updates

Boy Scout Klondike Event, January 27.
* This conflicts with Winter Field Day but we might be able to combine the two.
* Bill will talk to Geoff, KC7QCS, to see if we can use the Camp Grizzly Lodge to set up for Winter Field Day and also as a demo/station for the Scouts. * We’ll bring the trailers, if we can.

Winter Field Day backup location is Mountain View Park.

  • Austin suggests setting up the Fusion repeater for UHF for training in and around the shop.
    • We need to get a duplexer (approx $84 on Amazon).
    • We’d need to pick a freq pair and, probably, not bother going thru the coordinator.
  • December 9, 10AM, TNC/Packet training/setup/learning.
    • Bring whatever equipment you have and we’ll see what we can do to get things set up and operational.
    • The overall goal is to figure out what’s easiest and the best value for the most people—especially people who don’t have anything, yet.
    • The output, hopefully, will be a “canned” package for people who want to get gear.
    • Over by 3PM.