Do Something Amateur Radio Club

Latah County Auxiliary Communications Team

June 05, 2018


  • Bill Ward, K9GRZ
  • Austin Cole, KF7SIW
    Nick Hewes, AF7ZJ
    Ty Williams, W7TML
    Heather Cole, KG7BUB
    Glenn Boudreaux, KA5PTG
  • Bill Magnie, KI7TSV
    Evan Hart, KG7WPM
    Tom Storer, KI6DER
    Kelly Blackmon, NA5XX
    Bill Duncan, KE7OVE
    Christine Berven, KI7UTL
  • Micheal Sotolongo, KE7UDV
    Demetre Nicholas, pending
  • Parker Gibson, KI7UTI
  • Dave Schumacher, KF7CSV
    Pat Blount, KE7SYF
  • Autumn St.Amand KI7UTG
    Bart Gableman N1BAG
    Randall Ramsey KI7BSW
    Marc Cramer KG7DOG
  • Mike Nealon WA7MGN

Guests: Skylar Johnson, Mark Swanson, Tori Stuckey—all three took and passed the Tech Test!

  • Present

Treasurer’s Report DSARC Kitty: $ same as last time AuxComm Kitty: $421 We need to pay Austin for the web server.

Old Business
Training opportunities:

AuxComm May 19 and 20 in Moscow.

20 students including 3 Emergency Managers. Overall, very good class—all feedback was pretty positive.

Past Projects and Exercises:

May 26: Lotus Blossom Festival in JK Valley. 5 total participated. Two teams of 2 road guards and NCS operating from the AuxComm Trailer.

June 2: Safety Fair at Eastside Mall. Nine participants. More displays and visitors than in previous years.

Upcoming projects and exercises.

We need to do some nighttime testing with HF. We also need to find a way to establish a VHF/UHF link to Spokane and other surrounding areas.

Event idea: do a non-repeater exercise to determine who can talk to who on what equipment.

Field Activities.

June 16: ARRL Kids’ Day. Spring Valley. We will use this weekend to make sure we are prepared for Field Day.

June 23: Humane Society of the Palouse 5K is interested in having comms. It’s also Field Day. We might be able to support both.

June 23/24: Field Day

No media information has been sent out, yet. Mike will try to help with media contacts. Autumn will contact the Chamber of Commerce.

We’ll set up at Spring Valley with the NWRS trailer.

New Business
July 21: 100 mile bike ride. We’ll need about 25 hams to support this event. Bill will contact the event to see if they are interested in having Amateur Radio comms support. IF SO, we’ll contact all the usual suspects to see who can get and see if we can provide the needed support. We’ll have to do a route check before the ride to see where we have communications holes and decide how to fill them.