DSARC Mini Field Day 2017

May 6th through May 7th - 0900 Saturday through 1700 Sunday

  • 7QP Contest from 0600 Saturday to 0000 Sunday
  • Foxhunt from 1400 to 1800 Saturday
  • BBQ in the afternoon Saturday and Sunday
  • Digital Radio practice Saturday and Sunday
  • After Action Discussion Sunday at 1700
  • RSVP If you plan on coming

We will be hosting a ‘mini field day’ of sorts, along with other activities, food, equipment testing, and more!

While there will be a contest going on (7QP), and we will be participating in it, we are not focused primarily on points, but rather learning new equipment, trying out new toys, and just having fun!

We will be having a bbq Saturday, and most likely again Sunday, as well as food that everyone brings! We will have the opportunities for people who aren’t licensed to get on the air, so if you’ve never tried ham radio, or your kids want to learn more, feel free to stop by!

W7UQ (the University of Idaho Amateur Radio Club) will be hosting a foxhunt as well, on Saturday from 1400-1800, and again, all are welcome! It should be lots of fun, so come on out, bring out any and all equipment you want to use, show off, or get help figuring out how to use!

If you are planning to attend, please RSVP so we know how much food/supplies to bring. Main/Side dishes are very welcome, as are refreshments and other supplies.

Tell us what you are bringing and RSVP Here
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