This January 27th-28th, Northwest Radio Supply, Do Something ARC, and Latah AuxComm will be hosting Winter Field day at Camp Grizzly We will be sharing the space with local boy scouts during their annual Klondike event. This will give us the chance to share ham radio with younger generations.

Winter Field Day is a great opportunity for people to come out and play with radios in an environment less comfortable than home. The goals for this will be:

  1. Set up a fully functional comms center in less than 12 hours in the middle of winter.
  2. Learn and practice Voice, Digital, and CW communication.
  3. Meet new people and introduce friends and family to ham radio.
  4. Eat S’mores, and other good food.
  5. Have fun.

To find more information about Winter Field Day visit To view the rules and scoring for the event, click here.


13 voice and 83 digital contacts!

CallSign Section PH CW DI Multi Pwr X Bonus Claimed Score Calculated Score Class
K7DSC ID 13 0 83 5 2 4500 6240 6048 2O