DSARC 2018 Event Summary

Welcome! Here is a list of events for the Do Something Amateur Radio Club in 2018. More will be added as we close out the year.

Public Service: We provided radio communication for these awesome local events.

  • Fondo Palouse marathon bike ride - July 21
    • This is the largest event we have supported. Our members staffed stations throughout Latah and Whitman counties to provide communication from aid stations back to the race coordinators at the finish line.
  • Humane Society 5k walk/run - July 21
  • Sprint Triathlon - September 8
  • Youth Triathlon - September 8
  • Moscow Mountain Madness 50k marathon foot race - September 9
    • DSARC/AuxComm continues to provide radio support for this race.
  • Cops and Robbers Fun Run - October 6
    • A 5k and 10K foot race in Moscow, Idaho where local law enforcement joins the race.

Amateur Radio activities our club participated in:

  • Winter Field Day - January 26 to 28
    • One of the more popular radio contests started as a means to teach ham radio operators how to operate during cold weather conditions. We operated from Camp Grizzly throughout the weekend.
  • ARRL Field Day - June 23 and 24
    • Largest amateur radio contest in North America. We spent the weekend operating from Spring Valley.
  • Washington State Salmon Run HF contest - September 15
  • Growing the amateur radio community
    • We held four technician classes.
      • As of September we are able to offer license testing sessions free! Previously a $15 fee was required.
    • After the new hams get their call signs we provide hands on exercises to teach basic radio operation and etiquette.
  • Bi-monthly club meetings
    • We meet on the first and third Tuesday of every month.

Events supported by our members:

  • Station at the Boy Scout Klondike - January 27
    • During the day we gave the Boy Scout groups a practical example of ham radio by having them call in a simulated injury. Since many of us participate in Latah AuxComm we also brought out the AuxComm trailer and gave a brief intro to ham radio.
  • Riggins Jet boat race - April 20 to 22
    • DSARC/AuxComm members helped staff radio positions.
  • Moscow Safety Fair - June 2
    • A number of us participated in this event in our capacity as members of the AuxComm team.
  • Trail Rail Run 50 mile ultra marathon foot race - June 9
    • DSARC/AuxComm members helped staff radio positions.
  • Thunder on the Snake jet boat race - August 24 to 25
    • DSARC/AuxComm members helped staff radio positions.
  • IMTUF 100 mile ultra marathon foot race- September 15 and 16
    • DSARC/AuxComm members helped staff radio positions.
  • Idaho Rally - September 15 and 16
    • DSARC/AuxComm members helped staff radio positions.
  • ECX Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race - September 23
    • DSARC/AuxComm members helped staff radio positions.

Last updated October 2018.
Nick - AF7ZJ