Minutes of Do Something Club 1/24/17:


Austin Cole, Heather Cole, Nick Hewes, Bart Gabelmann, and Randall Ramsey (playing the stand-in Secretary)

Meeting was called to order at 1910 hours by Austin Cole.

Attending the meeting were: Austin Cole, Heather Cole, Nick Hewes, Bart Gabelmann, and Randall Ramsey (playing the stand-in Secretary).

Minutes for the last meeting of 01/ 24/2017 were approved.


Next order of business was taking recommendations for the motiff of the blog set up.

Email setup – was discussed for specific email address for DSARC mailing list set up for viewing emails “webmaster@DSARC”approved for Austin and Nick for posting stuff on the website.

Mailing list (members’ list) – for new members to join, an option, which was considered, for them to make a request to the webmaster. Discussed was the definition of necessary activity level to maintain member currency status.

Forum establishment – consideration to either promote select discussion topics or to allow free-forum threads generated at the discretion of the user/member. The topic strongly veered to selective thread formation steered by a moderator or topic moderator. Discussion about the need for a forum was challenged because present club members rarely use this website attribute. It does have it’s pros and cons. An agreement arrived at trying such an idea for several months. This feature design and function is to be determined.The forum can be accessed at cqconnect.com.

DSARC meeting minutes posting – it was addressed that meeting minutes can be published to dsarc.us/minutes.

Club Constitution:

A Club Constitution adopted from ARRL was strongly consisdered as a requirement for eventual ARRL recognition. The Club By-Laws can be later amended and adapted to facilitate the Constitution should future membership numbers make this a viable option. This topic will be revisited as a future topic of discussion.


An overview of the posted questionnaire tackling CPR training dates was engaged. The dates are for February 18 versus February 25 were entertained. No date was sufficiently selected over the other. Definitive date to be determined.

Presentation of the agenda item on APRS was narrated by Austin. The tactical use of APRS was explained as a tool for tracking, e.g., search teams, by providing real-time location in relation to a predetermined objective. The teams could be better directed for effective and efficient goal attainment. APRS could, also, be used to fly drone craft over unnavigable ground as identified by a forward-operating team.

Land Navigation was discussed as the future topic for the February 21 DSARC meeting.

Old Business:

Winter Field Day revisited – Discussion about the logs being in by the March’s end. Success was achieved with > 70 QRP contacts (more points) and various antenna configurations (Chameleon MPAS and a standard G5RV). The team managed 70% of the time on battery power. Generator power was used for recharging laptops. The mention of a West Mountain Powergate was used to allow seamless power transitions from grid to back-up power supply. A battery booster was mentioned as being essential equipment, as long as, the voltage drop can be monitored before it destroys batteries.

New Business:

Club funding – an actual method for funding club activities and equipment was addressed. Dues were discouraged over a project-specific fund. At this nacient stage annual or quarterly dues would take too long to achieve short-term fiscal goals.

Club Opportunities:

Communications detail for providing security and safety needs at the Jet Boat Races on April 14-16 are required. This provides a great opportunity for members to fill that need. Tactics for getting boat assignments were relayed to present club members. More details available at a later date, but plan ahead.

The meeting was adjourned at 2023 hours.


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