DSARC Meeting Minutes 2017-07-18

Called to order at 19:03 PDT

Present: Nick Hewes AF7ZJ, Bill Ward K9GRZ, Tom Luther KG7DKN, Clinton Wiersch KG7IDT,Heather Cole KG7BUB, Austin Cole KF7SIW

Field Day Debrief:

We set up at Spring Valley near Troy, Idaho. Had a trailer and a tent. Had about a dozen bystanders come by. The G5RV was set at an angle but it worked, especially Sunday morning. Also, ran QRP on digital with verticals. Overall not a lot contacts.

  • Set up for next year:
    • Set up G5RV sooner.
    • Get trailer modifications finished.
    • Go through trailer the weekend before.
    • Add a bench for seating and storage.
    • Make check lists for Field Day/trailer inventory.
  • Additions for 2017:
    • New signs for DSARC events.
    • We have a webserver on Raspberry Pi 3.
      • Content: Ham radio related software, manuals, copies of ham related websites.
      • Auto updates content.
      • New documents and software can be uploaded on the fly.
      • Library of digital modes with images and sounds for reference.
      • The Raspberry Pi is also a time server (via GPS reference) for time sensitive applications like Field Day logging.
      • Goal is to provide an image of the server for anyone to download and use hosted on the DSARC Gitlab

Discussion topic: Hams at the park:

One day a month pick a park, bring food and drinks. Only minimal advertising.

  • Setup:
    • Could set up digital radios side by side for amateur radio email demo and practice.
    • Rotate locations. Pullman, Troy, Palouse, etc.
    • Bring out Latah Aux Comm trailer.

Other ideas/events mentioned:

  • Collaborate with other ham clubs to have a booth at events in smaller towns. Suggested by Don in Orifino and Tom Luther
  • People in towns affected by the fires two years ago were frustrated with the lack of communication generating interest in ham radio. Towns like Kamiah, Kooski, etc.
  • We have a standing invitation from the Hells Gate club to join them for meetings.
  • Have an event for the solar eclipse on August 21st. Hams at the park for the eclipse?
  • August 5th or 6th digital radio practice/training/demo hosted by Latah Aux Comm. more details will be provided.
  • Reminder from Bill for September 10th event Moscow Mtn Madness needs volunteers. 8-12 people preferred though only one at each station needs to be licensed. Two people per aid station and there are five stations.
  • Vanity email available to club members/participants. Forward only address of the format [email protected]. Must attend two meetings per quarter to qualify.
  • Latah County Aux Comm Update:
    • Still waiting for the five couties to sign the MOU.
    • Will open member applications soon. A back ground check and ICS certs required. Latah County SAR requirements are similar and will likely be enough to qualify.
  • Starting in August we are attempting a digital net.

Technician Class:

  • 6-12 people signed up.
  • Tentatively end of August - beginning of Sept.
    • Location TBD on quantity of attendees: more than six, we got to the Latah County courthouse, six or less DSARC meeting area.
  • Some interest from PCSAR.
  • Checkout gear available to DSACR memebrs: KPC3 VHF 1200 baud TNC and older model Rigblaster sound card.
  • DSARC website will be keep it more up to date!

Meeting Adjourned at 20:01 PDT