Meeting called to order at 7:24PM

Mini Field Day info is online. The ‘big’ field day is at the end of June, and hamfest Spokane is in September.

For Mini Field Day: Nick will bring chips and cookies Bill Duncan will bring potato salad Bill Ward will bring the meat

Next training: Tom (KI6DER) will do an electronics course, would we like it to be beginner or assume we already know some stuff? Beginner, will do multi part course.

W7UQ is going to have an antenna modeling class June 15th

In July, Tom will do an intermediate electronics class.

Club outreach, need some kind of event. Ideas? Boy scouts, hells gate club, show off ham radio, geo caching, scavenger hunts with parts at each station, make flyers of how ham radio can benefit you.

Look into Spotwalla bubbler for APRS,

Meeting adjourned at 8:16PM