DSARC Meeting Minutes


Approved meeting minutes from the last meeting. Which never got published. Sigh (Published 2017-10-04)

Attendance not recorded by secretary. Sigh.
Bill W
Tom L

  • Hams In The Park debrief
    • Seven attendees, plus three dogs
    • Set up an HF radio, FT991.
    • NPAS antenna was set up.
    • No contacts, but were able to hear a few things.
    • VHF/UHF was crazy with “exercise, exercise.”
      • Say “exercise, exercise” LESS.
    • Palouse Caboose has GREAT food!
    • Discussed having an overnight Hams in the Park so we can get some decent * band conditions.
  • Airport Exercise
    • Approx 15 hams. Opened both hospitals, Pullman had trouble with digital. Might be able to upgrade hospital radios to D710s.
    • We need to start getting members. Bill will plan to have an application available at the first meeting in November. Only full members can pull the trailer which is getting to be an issue.
    • At the next opportunity we’ll start doing trailer setup and teardown training.
    • Dave from Spokane would like to start doing NVIS training with us. Bill will work with Hal to see if we can get a three way training going with Whitman County. Possibly on the 5th Saturday exercise.
    • We got a thank you card from Moscow Mountain Madness with a $250 donation included. The donation will be used for supplies and equipment for the trailer.
  • Upcoming events
    • October 14, 2017. Hams at the Park and Intro To Ham Radio at Phillips Farm Park Info to be sent to new hams that we can contact and to the various clubs.
  • Winter Field Day, January 2018. Working on finding a place in town with power and traffic.

  • Possible Lael Exercise first weekend in November – Also Overnight Hams in the Park

  • November Tech Class. November 11, 12.
    • Needs: organizer, choose a different set of slides and review them to make sure they don’t suck Alfa Sierra Sierra