October 17, 2017

Do Something Amateur Radio Club

Meeting Minutes


* Heather Cole, KG7BUB
* Nick Hewes, AF7ZJ
* Randall Ramsey, KI7BSW
* Austin Cole, KF7SIW
* Chad Snyder, pending
* Brett Copperi, KG7WVX
* Glen Boudreaux, KA5PTG
* Evan Hart, KG7WPM
* Bill Ward, K9GRZ
* Ty Williams, W7TML

  • Brief discussion of October 14 training at Spring Valley

  • Next Training: Communications/GPS training at U of I Arboretum November 4, 2017

  • Bill will contact Todd Perry, U of I Emergency Manager, to find out what hoops we have to jump through to park the trailer, or will figure something else out.

  • Set up in morning, exercise starts at noon.

  • Bill, Austin, Glen, Nick, maybe Brett meet at 9:00 for setup.

  • Might require two (or three) freqs depending on how many people show up.


* Paid members have voting rights and can “borrow” equipment from the Store.  

* Dues year runs January 1 to December 31.  Dues paid after Oct. 1 count for the next year.

* Anyone can participate in Club activities.

* $25 per year.

* Hams at the Park food will be accounted separate from other Club expenses, but be part of the Club. 

* Moved, second, passed.  Heather is treasurer, pay her.


* President: Austin
* Secretary: Bill
* Treasurer: Heather
* Public Information Officer: Nick


* Austin has updated the website.  Go look.

* Need to add things like repeaters, nets, etc.

* Consider adding a separate calendar for non-DSARC items.

* Add test session information to website.

Move to adjourn. Passed.