Do Something Amateur Radio Club

Latah County Auxiliary Communications Team

February 05, 2019


  • Bill Ward, K9GRZ
  • Austin Cole, KF7SIW
  • Heather Cole, KG7BUB
  • Bill Magnie, KI7TSV
  • Micheal Sotolongo, KE7UDV
  • Dave Schumacher, KF7CSV
  • Bekah Elder, KJ7AVP
  • Dahmen Garner, KI7SIJ
  • Matt Gee, KT7MLG

  • Present

Treasurer’s Report

DSARC Finances: $280 and change. Dues are due.

Old Business

501(c)3. Mike, the attorney, will start drafting the paperwork. A total of about $800 will be needed. Donations are encouraged! February update: Mike has gotten us listed as an Idaho non-profit corporation. He is now working on getting us the federal 501(c)3 designation.


  • Jan 23-27, 2019 Dog Sled Races, Joseph, Oregon.

  • Jan 26, 27, 2019 Winter Field Day. Setup at Robinson Park.
    • 15 total participants, 108 hours logged. And we had fun!
  • ACES training: February 23 and 24. Bill, K9GRZ, is point person.

  • Newbie Field Training: UQ will host. March 2 is the target date. Bill will set up sign up sheet. Bekah will provide campus maps. Don’t send Heather out, she will get lost.

  • Tech Class: March 30 and 31. UQ shack or elsewhere on campus. Bill will send out sign up sheet.

Proposed Training opportunities:

  • Trainings at meetings, date TBD:

  • Table Top Exercise on how we get deployed.

  • ICS 100, 200, 700, 800: What’s in it for me? Why do we need to take those courses when we don’t seem to use them?

Upcoming/potential projects and exercises.

  • We need to do some nighttime testing with HF. We also need to find a way to establish a VHF/UHF link to Spokane and other surrounding areas.

  • Event idea: do a non-repeater exercise to determine who can talk to who on what equipment.


  • Informational meeting Feb. 12, 7PM, Rm. 2B in the Courthouse. Enter thru north door, off 5th Street.

  • AuxComm dues are due.

New Business

  • As a result of the 501(c)3 Austin is separating the Club and Store business activities. A PayPal account for the club will set up.

  • Starting at the second February meeting we will be moving the meetings to the Iron Wok café.

  • North West Radio Supply is closing the shop. Product will still be available either via the website or by appointment.


  • Next meeting: SWR meters and antenna tuners.