Do Something Amateur Radio Club

Latah County Auxiliary Communications Team

July 7th, 2020


  • Austin KF7SIW
  • Dave KF7CSV
  • Sandee KA9UNA
  • Glenn WB6W
  • Mike WA7MGN
  • Bill KI7TSV
  • Jim WA7VFQ
  • Nick AF7ZJ
  • Mike N7ID
  • Ryan KJ7OSA

  • Present

Treasurer’s Report

  • $793.96 DSARC
  • $497.50 AuxComm

Old Business

  • Review of our Field Day events.
  • License testing session: We had five people pass, mostly new licenses.
  • $162 spent on Field Day and the test session. Donations received amounted to $83.43.

New Business

  • We will host our first W5YI remote testing session soon and another in-person session at the end of July.
  • Mike Neelon asked for resource requests from the AuxComm team. If you have suggestions please let him know soon.
  • Austin is going to create datasets of ham radio information. Example: One dataset will have in depth information on local repeaters and other locally used frequencies. If you have suggestions for other datasets please contact him.