Do Something Amateur Radio Club

Latah County Auxiliary Communications Team

March 01, 2022


  • AF7ZJ Nick
  • KF7CSV Dave
  • KA9UNA Sandee
  • KF7SIW Austin
  • KJ7USI Floyd S
  • KK7BRP Nate
  • N1BAG Bart
  • N7ID Mike B

Treasurer’s Report

  • DSARC: $1192.99
  • AuxComm: $522.5

Old Business

  • Packet lab on February 26th was successful. We focused on Winlink using RMS Express and Pat clients. While node hopping worked we were not able to do peer to peer likely because we were in the same room.
  • Austin proposed we buy dummy loads for future packet labs. Dave motioned to spend up to $150 on the purchase of two dummy loads. Motion passed and Austin will make the purchase.

New Business

  • Austin requested suggestions (see the pinned post in the general channel on Discord) for an HF antenna that we can mount purchase and mount on the AuxComm trailer. Deadline for suggestions is May so we have time to buy and install it ARRL Field Day in June.
  • Bank account authorized persons update. Since Bill K9GRZ has retired we are replacing him with Nick AF7ZJ. Motion passed. Austin KF7SIW and Heather KG7BUB will remain on the account.
  • Next Packet Lab will be on April 30th and we will continue with Winlink as the main focus.

Minutes taken by AF7ZJ. Meeting ended at 19:30.